Another boring selfie

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za kim z Łodzi najbardziej tęsknisz? :D

Joey’kiem <3

do you like The Devil's Blood?

Indeed I do :)

Hello sweetie!! Do you still work as a model? :D

hello bunny!

yes, I happen to work as a model :)

any musical instruments you would like to play?

PIANO! and I am learning right now :)

u prefer Weronika or Rose ?

I dunno, whatever you want to call me.

I still think I stick around with Rose more.

Are you enjoying your life now? Why?/why not?

I am actually the happiest person in the world now.

And I mean it.

Id never even thought life can be THIS beautiful. Ive always tried to enjoy my life and working towards awesomeness but there was always something missing. Never complete.

It is now.

And what bothers me a bit and makes it all unfair is that people sometimes work for THIS their whole life. They do everything to achive this state of mind and satisfaction from life that I have right now.

I seriously have everything Ive ever wished for. I cannot imagine any one single thing that could make me happier. I can only think of developing what I already got and exploring the rest of the world with my soulmate.

Why Am I enjoyng my life? Could talk about it for days, cause there is uncountable amonut of things that are beautiful, but to make it simple. I live the life I always dreamed about. In country I treat like home, In city that I admire everyday. I wake up next to the love of my life. I have in perspective traveling across the whole world. I have all oportunities to be in progress with myself. I start gaining more slef confidance and getting rid of negative thoughts. I feel appriciated and loved. And I know I am going for more :)

Za kim tęsknisz najbardziej?

Bartkiem Kaniewskim i Igorem Joeyem Zatonem

Masz śliczną figurę! Co robisz, żeby taką mieć? ;)

Jem ciastka i burrto hahaha

Co moge polecic? Owoce i seks! 

Do you squat? Your bum looks fantastic.

You are fantastic! haha

I HATE squats. I seriously do.

I used to work out a bit before on my bum but never done squats. 

Have you ever been on a diet? If so, how did you use to motivate yourself? I'm stuck and I can't push myself any further recently.

Woow, I am on constant diet off an on all the time hahah

No idea, nothing works for me either hahha

Try watch a lot of thinspos maybe? It sort of helped me :)

To zrob taki kolor! (cotton candy) <3 Ja uwielbiam najbardziej blondynki,zastanawiam sie nad rezygnacja z turkusowych na rzecz blondu.Widzialam Twoje fotki jak jeszcze nie bylas ruda,wow.duza zmiana.

Bardzo bym chciala! Albo taki bialy blond z rozowymi koncowkami! Ugh, cudo!

Ale to strasznie niszczy wlosy i zejsc na jakikolwiek kolor z rudego to prawdziwa udreka!