Chciałabym z tobą porozmawiać, ale tak kompletnie anonimowo, nie przez facebooka. Znalazłabyś kiedyś chwilę? Masz gg albo coś w tym stylu? Jestem trochę zagubiona w pewnych sprawach i nie mam za bardzo komu o tym powiedzieć

Jasne! Nie ma problemu! Gg nie posiadam ale możesz napisać do mnie na kik’u (też anonimowo) bez najmniejszego problemu!
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how was the first time having sex with your boyfriend..? how long have you been in this relationship before you slept with him? did he want to try a lot or was it romantic with a lot of cuddle? spontaneously or planned? sorry for this intimate questions but your relationship seems to be a dream :-*

Well sex isnt any tabu subject for me, I could easily answer all these questions, but since I gotta take into account my boyfriend is sort of a public person, I have to respect and protect his privacy at least on the level to not announce things like that in front of a thousands people.
If you wanna talk, no sweat babe, just go off anon :)

what do you think on goths (i mean also pastel goth, cyber goth and casual ones from 80s)?

Actually theres not so much I can say about it. Never had any specifical approach towards goths, so either had any intrest. I like some stuff from their style but thats where all my both knowladge and general intrest in this subcultre end, sorry!


Cyndi Lauper and Elvira

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Ile razy dziennie uprawiacie seks/ile najwięcej w ciągu dnia uprawialiscie? :)

O boże, dość intymne pytanie, haha. Średnio 1-2 razy dziennie, a najwięcej? 4? Nie wiem!! Hahah

Which red lipsticks do you use? X

Rimmel, ALARM :)